Organic cannabis cultivation According to the Soma method

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🌞Organic cannabis cultivation According to the Soma method🌞
❖ Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 22, 1949. Soma began growing cannabis in 1971.
❖ In 1996, Soma moved to Amsterdam and in 1997, he founded the medical cannabis seed company – Soma Seeds.
❖ Soma has pursued a natural lifestyle through traditional shamanic practices based on organically grown plants, combined with an understanding of ecology.
❖ He is a vegetarian.
❖ Soma has written many articles for cannabis magazines around the world and is the author of the famous book – “Organic Marijuana Soma style”.
.. Excerpt from Mr. Soma’s book: Organic Cannabis Cultivation According to the Soma Method:
” In its simplest definition, organic farming is a farming method that uses only fertilizers, pesticides and other supplementary products made entirely from materials of plant or animal origin. No use any synthetic materials or chemicals in the farming process.”
“For small garden owners, organic farming is not just about stopping the use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Organic farming is also an option to comprehensively care for plants and use Environmentally friendly techniques and products help create safer, healthier flower buds.”
“Inorganically cultivated cannabis plants often have a healthy appearance but a bitter and harsh taste. Using organic nutrients such as bat guano and earthworm compost will give cannabis a rich, attractive fruity flavor. Most inorganic fertilizers leave a flavor on the cannabis plant that I don’t like. Inorganic fertilizers can help increase yields, but for me taste and effects come first. I want enjoy the full flavor of a cigarette until the last breath.”

” Organic fertilizers offer clear differences in the taste and quality of produce. Try comparing organic foods with conventional versions. For example, organic tomatoes with conventional tomatoes , we can immediately recognize the differences in color and flavor. In addition, organic farming also creates products that are clean, non-toxic and have higher vitamin content. Organic cannabis also has similar advantages, both aroma, taste and coffee effect are significantly enhanced. Organic farming can give relatively good yields, the finished product is safe for health and has a fragrant flavor. tastier than inorganic farming. Not only that, your entire farming process is also friendlier to plants, to people, and to the earth.”

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